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ADVANCING solutions to the interrelated social justice, climate and ecological crisis through collaborative research and project development.

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ALICE fosters cutting edge climate mitigation and adaptation solutions best suited to Alaska through broad based, collaborative research and project development.

Much of the rapid change Alaska is currently experiencing is the result of interrelated global climate, ecological, and sociopolitical crisis.  Responding effectively to these challenges requires vision, bold leadership, deep expertise, flexibility, and a collaborative, holistic approach.

We bring together Alaska’s most visionary scientists, Native Elders, artists, and agency and private sector experts to work together to solve the interrelated problems of climate change, biodiversity collapse, and social injustice.


Drawing inspiration from Project DrawdownNatural SolutionsBio4ClimateBay Area Smart Energy, and other innovative approaches, we research and develop collaborative shovel-ready projects that move Alaska towards a more resilient future.

An example of our work is the Railbelt Pumped Energy Storage Concept that lays the groundwork for a renewable energy-based economy that will create thousands of new jobs, reduce greenhouse emissions and reduce the cost of energy for every Alaskan.

Other projects in the works include:

  • A statewide assessment of rural Pumped Energy Storage (PES) potential and design of 30 or more fully PES/renewable energy powered electricity generation systems that will move rural communities off expensive diesel and heating fuel once and for all.
  • Development of an Alaska Climate Solutions Hub to catalyze collaboration between scientists, energy experts and affected communities.
  • Comprehensive review to identify holistic solutions with the greatest potential for success and rapid pilot-project development.  Ideas of interest include marine permaculture, peatland restoration, PES salmon habitat mitigation, and green hydrogen production.


Since 2014, ALICE has been working to move Alaska towards a 100% renewable energy future in partnership with a revolving working group of Alaska renewable energy experts and advocates.

Climate Action Planning

An actionable outline to implement climate solutions on a community-wide political level.

Oil and Gas Accountability

An investigation into the current state of Alaskan oil and gas emissions

Utility Member Action Campaign

Some simple steps that Alaska’s Electric Utility Coops and Boroughs can take this year to save money and significantly reduce our individual and collective greenhouse gas (GhG) emissions.

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New Energy Future for Alaska

Help us ignite the power of the grassroots to launch the long-overdue renewable Energy Future for Alaska!  



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