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The Alaska Climate Action Network – AK CAN!

An outreach & education project of ALICE

AK CAN!  connects Alaskans across the state who share a deep concern about global warming, biodiversity, social justice and our energy future.

Alaska centric news, science updates, action alerts, events, classes and commentary are most welcome!



Chukchi Sea Watch

Chukchi Sea Watch is a virtual Facebook science and news feed focused on Alaska’s Arctic coastal communities and the ecological systems that sustain them.

Alaskans for Ending Fossil Fuel Subsidies 

This FB group is singularly focused on building the bipartisan political will to end fossil fuel subsidies in Alaska.  Currently, that means reforming the per barrel oil production tax credits that cost Alaskan’s more than $1.5 billion this fiscal year alone. We support Measure 1, the Fair Share Act ( and  divestment of the Permanent Fund and other state investment in fossil fuels in order to reduce the risk to Alaska’s economy from stranded assets as the world moves away from fossil fuel energy.


Up-Coming Initiatives

  • We’re exploring the idea of hosting an Alaska Climate Solutions Hub with potential partner organizations. Check back soon for details!
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